Madeline & France

Last week in our Five in a Row study, we read Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans.  This week we did unit study on France by Amanda Bennett.  I love doing these studies because we get to watch lots of videos of places I can only dream of getting to visit.  I am definitely adding France to the bucket list.

I didn't do this one with Logan when he was in Kindergarten because I thought it would be too girly.  He wouldn't even go down the girl aisle in Wal-Mart then because there was pink everywhere so I didn't think he would enjoy a book about a girl.  I would have been able to do more with this book if I had girls though. 

Madeline is a short children's story about a young girl who lives with eleven other girls in a home in Paris.  She has to go to the hospital to have her appendix removed.  It is such a cute story and the illustrations are so adorably whimsical.  It's a classic. 
This was Lucas' favorite page.  He laughed every time.  He kept asking me to repeat it over and over.  I seriously read this page at least twenty times the first time we read it. 

We learned about symmetry with action figures.  He lined them up like they walked everywhere in the book. 

I'm no Julia Child, but we made a few French recipes.
I made crepes for breakfast one morning.

Croque-Monsieur for dinner.  This will be a repeat.

This was a fun project...
It was hard to keep them from eating the wafers as we were building them.

He was coloring the flags for to put on the tops of the Eiffel Towers.

They weren't all well constructed.

We learned about cheese and how it is made.  I bought some French cheeses as well as some others to do a taste-test.  Some of them tasted like butt. 
The roquefort was gross.

Their favorites:


We learned about Claude Monet and took a visual tour of some of the Louvre.
Logan's art.

Mom also came over to do an art lesson with them.  She showed them how to use pastels.

Training for the Tour de France.

Learning about Braille.

Here's our lapbook we created...

Next week, onto Storm in the Night by Mary Stolz and weather.


  1. It's amazing to me how much you put into one unit!!! I love the food, art, all of it! They will get so much more out of it this way!!!!

  2. My boys laugh every time on the same page! I think it's because it says "Pooh, Pooh"! There is just something about boys and poop! lol