Lucas' 6th Birthday

The boys are really into Ninjago right now.  It goes without saying, but I found some cute party ideas on Pinterest for this theme. 

I know it's cliche, but I CAN'T believe he's SIX!

Lucas' birthday party was scheduled on his actual birthday, but we had to reschedule it.  The night before his birthday he had an allergy issue and he was having trouble breathing.  After several breathing treatments and a visit to the doctor, we were advised to change the date.  He was devestated, but we knew there was no other choice.  It's no fun to be sick on your birthday!

To him, it wasn't his birthday until his party.  He couldn't wait!
Ninja headbands.  I WON'T ever do this again.
Getting ready for the ninja training course.

Happy Birthday, Lucas!  You make me laugh everyday.  We are so blessed to have you as a son!

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  1. LUCAS' 6TH Birthday Party looks so adorable. It has plenty of colors which I loved thoroughly. My daughter also attended her best friend’s 6th birthday at the local party venue NYC and this fairy inspired arrangements over there were also very gorgeous and the party food was also super delicious.