Mystery Trip

Over the summer, we went to the Louisville Zoo and we got season passes because it isn't much more to add to the admission price.  Lucas hasn't stopped talking about going back there so Rebecca and I planned a trip there over Fall Break.  She had the idea to make it a mystery trip and she created clues and put together a cute packet for them to try and figure out where we were going.  They thought we were going shopping and running errands for the day so they were pleasantly surprised. 
We’ve got a little secret,
We’re going on a trip!
We are leaving right now,
If we told you where you’d flip!
The destination is a mystery,
The location soon you will see!
Throughout the journey you will get clues,
Each with information you can use!
You must all join together and use your mind
So the location you can find!
Your next clue will come later. Listen for the special clue sound!

 She made them little detective badges to wear.
We had Landon and Brandon record these clues for them to listen to along the way to figure out where we were going.  Rebecca is quite the poet.
Clue #1
Alright kids the fun has begun
So listen close here’s clue #1
We’re leaving White County
And heading on our way
We will be at our destination
Within four hours of this day.
Clue #2
Its time for clue number 2
Listen up so you will know what to do
Each tell a place that you love to go
And the answer to this mystery may show!
Clue #3
Its time for clue number three
This mystery trip doesn’t end in Tennessee.
Clue #4
Its time for the 4th clue
A little more information for you
The mystery destination is in a neighboring state
The city has so much to do we know it will be great.
Clue #5
Its time for clue number five
Here is something to think about as you enjoy the drive
The city that we are going to is named after a king
And Lucas and Logan went there the season after Spring.
Clue #6
Now that you now the city where our journey ends
Its time to figure out where the fun begins
We are going to a place that rhymes with Boo
Its Lucas’ favorite thing to do.
It was a perfect day to go to the zoo!

Clue #7
Now you must be hungry and ready to eat
The place we are going is super neat
They serve food we know you all like
It was what Lady and the tramp ate on that romantic night.
We used to have our family reunion in Louisville every year on Labor Day Weekend.  We would always eat at the Old Spaghetti Factory downtown as a large group.  We were planning on going there to eat, however they weren't open for dinner when we got there.  bummer
Clue #8
The zoo was so much fun
But what are we going to do after the setting of the sun?
There is a bag for you in the back of the car
Open it up, this is the best clue so far!
They opened up Halloween costumes to wear to go Trick-or-Treating back at the zoo.
Lucas LOVES candy!
The snow leopard was sleeping when we were there earlier.  We got to see him up close in the evening.
The boys didn't want to see the girly characters.
Clue #9
Yesterday was full of fun
But don’t be sad we aren’t done!
One more place we want to see
Before we go back to Tennessee
There is a sport all three boys play
It has something to do with our stop today.
The Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory
Rebecca had to make up some extra clues on the spot.  They chanted "More Mysteries" several times so she had to come up with some new ones.

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  1. That is an awesome idea. We love the Louisville Zoo. We get annual passes there often, my son loves it. We have never went to the trick or treating there, looks like much fun. Might have to try that out next year!