Garage Makeover

On Friday afternoon, I got a text from Landon asking me if I wanted to clean out the garage.  My quick reply was YES!!!!!!!  When we moved into our house, the family who lived here previously didn't clean it out completely.  We cleaned it out somewhat in the first spring that we lived here, but we didn't do the works.  Then a few months later, we finished the basement and everything left over from there ended up in the garage.  Needless to say, our garage was JUNKY.  If we ever have company I try to quickly shut the garage door so no one will see it or use that entrance.  So when Landon wanted to work on the garage, I knew it was going to be a good weekend.  I love organization! 

I didn't even take a before photo because it was too embarrassing and I didn't want to show everyone.  Those who have seen it will appreciate the difference though.  This is a photo of everything cleaned out but there were already two truck loads hauled off so you can use your imagination.

We made a trip to Lowe's at 7:00 on Friday evening to get paint and supplies.  Since it was the first warm weekend, the place was hopping.  Landon wanted to paint all the walls and the floor before we went to bed, so we could get it all put back together on Saturday.  We stayed up until 1:30 a.m. painting. 

It's amazing what paint can do!

I have never had a garage this cleaned out before.  I had to take a picture.
 This is the finished project, painted from top to bottom, even the baseboards!  Landon was adamant that we were going to put the ping pong table in the garage.  This has been a source of conflict between the two of us, but I admit, I like it in here.  I just hope it doesn't become a catch all junk collector. 

I love it so much I could sleep out here.  Last night on our way home, Lucas said, "We're going home to our shiny new garage."  I just hope we can keep it this clean.  It will be easier though since it is more organized and everything has a place.  I may get just a little too excited about organization, but little things like hanging up a broom organizer just makes my heart happy. 
 A big thanks to Casey Sain and Landon's parents for babysitting, Bobby and Sara Farris, Caleb Delk, and Jessie and Micah Pullum for helping!

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