State Championship Trip

A few weeks ago, we went to Indianapolis to watch Landon's cousin play in his high school State Championship Tournament game.  It is quite an accomplishment to make it that far in the tournament so we wanted to go and watch.
The boys enjoyed getting to swim in the hotel.

Game time!  Lane is showing his Linton Miner Pride.
The game was well attended by the Linton fans.
Warming up.
Ryan Woodward #20 is a junior this year.
They started to make a run at one point in the game.  You could feel the excitement in the room!  Unfortunately, they didn't win, but it was still exciting to watch.  I'm glad we got to go, even though it was a sacrifice for Landon to miss the NCAA Tournament first round games.  We had to plan our whole departure time around the IU game.  haha.  We're a little bit obsessed at our house. 

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