Spring Homeschool Co-op

I am a little slow in getting these posted, but better late than never.  These are highlights from our Spring Semester in our local homeschool Co-op.  I am really glad Amanda had the idea to start one here in Sparta because my kids really look forward to going.  Even though it is extra work for me to plan and organize what I am going to teach, I will continue to do this for my boys to have a chance to be around other kids. 

This semester I thought we had a fairly good variety in classes, especially since we are so small.  I would love for it to grow a little larger this fall.

Amanda Randolph and Heather Bryant taught a class on Constellations.  She did several projects with them throughout the semester.  I wish I could have been in there for her class.  I would have loved to learn about this myself☺

Art Class:
We were blessed to have Christina Delk to teach this class for us.  She is very talented and we appreciate her willingness to come even when she doesn't have children involved.
This is a lesson in origami.
Making Dioramas:
We made quite a mess!
Teaching Perspective:

Oil Painting:
Sports Class:
Leanne Havener and Jennifer Hill taught a sports class.  They taught the rules and played several sports including basketball, baseball/kickball, croquet, bocce ball, and tennis.  I helped with this class some and the three of us laughed at ourselves trying to teach this class because none of us are athletes.  My main motivation to join the band was so I could get out of P.E. 
Sherri Sparkman taught the tennis class.  We went down the road to the Country Club to use their courts.
Everything is a weapon.
I was SOOO excited that we got to add 4-H to our classes this semester.  I really appreciate David Bussell and several helpers to teach our homeschoolers!
This was a lesson on energy.



Contenders for the Faith Club:
This is a faith based boy/girl scout type program.  There are tons of projects and activities to complete.  It will take years to do them all, but it has allowed us to do things we would have never done otherwise.
Making Homemade Ice Cream:
Lane liked it too!!
Amanda arranged for someone to come and teach the kids about First-Aid.  He is a paramedic for the Life Flight helicopter stationed at the airport.  He also taught us what we need for a first aid kit.
He was a great teacher and taught the kids how to treat different types of injuries.
Nathaniel got to practice giving the Heimlich.

Coin Collecting:
Leanne's step-father is a coin collector and he came to talk with the kids about coins, some history to our money system, and how they are minted.  My boys LOVED this!  He did a great job and he was so kind to give the kids several coins and a nickel collector/holder.

We also had a Sign Language class taught by Angela Randolph and a Countries class taught by Sherri Sparkman.  They were both during classes that I was teaching in so I didn't a chance to take photos of what they were doing.

I LOVE summer, but I am looking forward to our Fall Co-op!!  We are going to have some new families that I am excited to have join us!

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  1. Thank you do much for posting these Terri. I am looking forward to Fall Semester to start the Co-op for my sons. It looks so educational and fun at the same time!