Summer Activity Group #4: Olympics

Trish was in charge of our group activity this week, but it rained on our usual day.  We rescheduled to another day and just did it without her because she couldn't come.  She had it all planned out nicely for us though☺

We divided the group up into an older and younger group.  They had several group events and then we divided into two groups and had two events going on at the same time.  This helped to speed it up and it lessened the wait time for the kids to do their event. 

We did the group events first.  The first event was the limbo...

The younger group went first.

The older kids went next:

Their faces crack me up.
We had the top two winners from both groups race again.
The next group event was "Who can hop on one foot the longest?"
I was very glad that Landon came by to do the next event.  It was a pop fly contest.  I can't throw the ball very well. 
Trish did a great job of selecting a variety of events for those who were and weren't athletic.  Another event was "Who can make the silliest face?"
This event took a while..."Who can dribble the basketball the longest?"

Landon switched it around after a while to make it more challenging.  They had to switch hands, then dribble with their eyes closed.

Hula Hoop Contest:

Best Splits:

Best Superhero Pose:

Chloe had a headache, but she was Wonder Woman☺
Frisbee Throw and Long Jump
Softball/Baseball Throw
We had a little awards ceremony and handed out medals.
Thank you Trish!!

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