FIAR: The Last Very First Time & Canada

I am finally wrapping up our last book from our Five in a Row study we did this year.  It was a book about a girl named, Eva, who lives in an Inuit village in northern Canada. In the winter, people search along the bottom of the seabed beneath a thick shelf of ice for mussels to eat. Eva usually helps her mother, but for the first time, she’s going to go by herself. She soon gathers a pan full of mussels. But then, her candle goes out, and the tide threatens to return. When she is finally safe with her mother, Eva proclaims, “That was my very last first time walking alone on the bottom of the sea.”
We also did Amanda Bennett's Unit Study: Expedition Canada along with this book.  We also read The Intrepid Canadian Expedition (Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures #4) to coordinate with our country study.
Since the book was all about mussel hunting, we had to have some for dinner.  It was a first for me, but everyone liked them except Lucas.  I was proud of him for trying them without a dramatic scene though.
We talked about the large production of maple syrup in Canada.  We watched several videos on how it is made and we learned about the different grades.
Along with our mussels, we had maple syrup glazed chicken.  It was DELISH!! 
Lane is praying too☺  It's so sweet I had to take a picture.

There is a lady at our bible study that is from Canada.  She was gracious to come and talk to the boys about her home country.  It was quite a treat!

She taught them their national anthem.  She sang it in English and French.
She showed lots of photos.  These were some of the large snows they had in the winter.
She brought some money to show the boys.
She let them keep these coins.
My favorite thing she did was share her testimony with the boys.  She told them that she didn't hear the gospel until she was an adult even though she was raised in church.  She wasn't allowed to have the entire bible.  This is a copy of what she was allowed to have.  It is very small and incomplete.  She has an incredibly powerful testimony and she is extremely passionate about the Word now that has she discovered it in its entirety.   
She read the boys the book they were studying for the week.  It was neat to hear in her Canadian accent.  She also pointed out things from the photos that I would have never have know. 
I ordered a Canadian puzzle for the boys to do to learn the provinces. 

I have some new places to add to my bucket list after this study.  I want to see the Northern Lights and go to Prince Edward Island where Anne of Green Gables was set.  I made the boys watch it with me.  They weren't quite as thrilled as I was about it though.  It was one of my favorite childhood movies. 

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