Summer Activity Group #3: Minute to Win It

Leanne was in charge of the third week.  She planned "Minute to Win It" games for the kids to play.  They were entertaining to watch!

Game #1: 
The kids were divided in two groups and they competed to see who could empty the Kleenex box the fastest.  Even the babies got to do this one☺  This is something Lane, Jackson, and Ellie are good at!
Lucas and Aiden are celebrating!
It was a mess.  We had a minute race to clean it all up.  I should try this at home.
Game #2:
Get the cookie from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands.  This was funny to watch!
Game #3:
Use straws to pick up the M&M's and separate them by color into the bowls.
Lane was eyeballing the M&M's!
They were thrilled to get some of the leftovers from the games. 
Game #4:
Balance the characters on the Frisbee on top of your head.
Game #5:
Use a straw to blow the cups off the table.
Game #6:
Throw a ping pong ball into the cup on your head.
Game #7
Knock down the water bottle with the yo-yo tied to your waist without using your hands.  This one was really funny to watch.
Game #8:
Balance the pieces on the Popsicle stick.
This one grosses me out.  I hate popsicle sticks.  They make me gag.  I always ask for a plastic tongue depressor at the doctor's office.  Sometimes I get lucky and they have them in stock. 
Game #8:
Shake the ping pong balls out of the Kleenex box tied to your waist.
Play time...
Thank you, Leanne!!  Super activity!!

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