The Fourth & French Lick

Every year we go to Indiana over the Fourth of July.  They have a huge parade and there are multiple family gatherings.  I always look forward to going and this year was no exception.  Our stay in Indiana was extended this year because Logan had basketball camp at Indiana University for four days the weekend before the fourth.   I am sure we wore out our welcome at Darren and Natalee's by staying so long! 

For the last several years, the family has rented the pool for a party.  It was rather chilly and rainy this year.  I am a pansy about swimming in cold water anyway, so this was rather torturous. 
I love these guys!
And the switch-a-roo so I'm actually in some photos with the family.  ha
Noah is doing a fancy trick off the high dive.
Logan is braver than I am!!!
Davis refused to look up.  We all tried to get his attention.  The funny shot is always the people behind the photo trying to get the kids to look toward the camera.
 Finally☺  He is such a sweet baby!!  I'm so glad Lane has a little friend close to his age to grow up with!

Logan wanted to wear a hat to cover up a terrible hair cut.  He likes his hair longer and they cut it shorter that he wanted.
Lane is wearing a hand-me-down shirt from when Logan was his age.  Landon's Papaw was the Grand Marshall in the parade in 2005 and the whole family walked behind in the car.  We all had matching shirts.
Lane liked the candy!!!
Davis' first parade!
Ryan, Landon's cousin is a senior on the basketball team this year.

Lane loves Rachel!
The boys liked this float.
Our annual family 4th photo.
On the way home, we stopped in Odon, Indiana to get some meat from an Amish store that is wonderful.  We decided on the spur of the moment to take a little side trip to French Lick, Indian, home of Larry Bird.  This is very unlike Landon.  When we travel, there are no unnecessary stops and side trips are out of the question.  He wants to get from point A to point B as fast as possible.  I saw an ecard on pinterest that fits him perfectly: "My GPS says "time of arrival".  I see "time to beat."  Needless to say, I was surprised that he would volunteer to steer off course, but he is a HUGE Larry Bird fan.
It is a lovely little town.  We want to come back and stay here...
We went by his high school and a teacher came by and offered to unlock the gym for us.
 The teacher told us where he lived.  He sold his house several years ago, but he lived here for many years.
We also went to his restaurant in town where his trophies and memorabilia are displayed.
The owner opened up the cases and let us see them up close.
Lane learned how to say "WOW" in Indiana.  It is SOOO cute.

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