Linton Freedom Fesitval

Every year for the 4th of July we go to Landon's hometown in Linton, Indiana.  I have been every year for the last fifteen years (minus one year for summer school in college), and I always look forward to going and seeing all of his family.  I love how the whole town decorates and celebrates for the 4th of July.  It is a festive time of year in Linton, and it feels like the entire town is involved.

I love tradition and familiarity.  One tradition in particular that I love about going to Indiana is the food.  There are just some things that you can't get anywhere else.  Here are my musts before going home...

   ...a meal at The Grill.  Yummo!!  The breaded tenderloin sandwich is the best!

This is seriously the best pizza ever.  I wish there was one in Sparta!

Last but not least...doughnuts from Angel's.  Doughnuts aren't usually my hang-up, but these most definitely are.  The chocolate is fudgy and heaven in your mouth.  I also love the caramel iced ones...I had my fair share.

Enough about food...I gained three pounds in five days eating horribly.  Another thing I love about Indiana is it is flat and great when you are jogging.  Hills kill me, so this is much easier. 
You can see for miles.

Natalie rented the pool for a family pool party.  
Some looked at me strangely for taking this picture, but it has a funny story behind it.  Suzanne told me this story a long time ago, and I will never forget it.  Landon and his siblings used to go to the pool everyday during the summer.  One day Landon walked home from the pool bloddy and scraped up.  Suzanne asked him why he walked home and didn't go the first aid station.  He said it was the second time he had fallen down.  The first aid station was only for the first time so he couldn't go because this was his second time.  haha!  He was a literal child...so cute☺


This was the first 4th of July without Landon's Papaw.  Suzanne's sister, Sara, organized a memorial service at the cemetary to reflect, pay tribute, and celebrate the lives of both their mom and dad.  I know they are both missed tremendously, and it has been a difficult loss for the family.
 All seven.

We went to Brazil, Indiana to visit Landon's aunt and uncle, Max and Bonnie.
He has lots of mowers and tractors including one that Mike was surprised to see.  Max bought his brother's mower, and Mike said he had logged many hours on it growing up.  He thought it was in a junk yard somewhere and didn't know his uncle had bought it.

The morning of the parade was pleasantly cooler than normal.  Most of the time you leave with your clothes stuck to you from sweat.  This year was cloudy, comfortable, and much more enjoyable.
Landon's cousin, Audrey starting it off.
Tennesseans were drafted into participating.  I think we embarrased both Jason and Rachel by yelling their names as they walked by.
Landon's cousin, Persephanie on the bass clarinet.

Landon's talented cousin, Nick, on the unicycle.

Landon's cousins, Laura and Kevin.

Noah's team.

Lovely sisters.

This was hysterical.  Debbie was armed and ready for her supervisor from work.  She nailed him with a water gun as he went by.  Look at the determination on her face.  haha.
I don't think he liked it☺

Landon's cousin, Selena.

I think every town should have a steel drum band.

Another tradition we do is take a family picture every year on Landon's papaw's porch on the 4th.
My favorite boys.


On our way home, we went to Holiday World in Santa Clause, Indiana. I didn't take many pictures because I just wanted to enjoy the day without worring about getting great shots.  It was a perfect day, even though I only got to ride kiddie rides.  I had to bribe Logan to ride some big rides.  I told him that if he was going to be in this family, he has to ride roller coasters.  He loved them!!   

Thank you to Sara and Bryan for allowing us to stay in your home.  Also, thanks to Bruce and Debbie for hosting get togethers and all the hard work that went into preparing food.  It was much appreciated!

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