Cramming It All In

I just love summertime when everything slows down and responsibilities are much less.  This has been a great summer full of activities, but it has flown by.  I want to soak it all in because in a few weeks we are back to the grind with homeschool.  The boys and I are going to camp next week, so this week I have wanted to cram in all the fun we can.  We will only have one more week after camp before school starts back and soon all of Logan's friends will be back to school as well. 

Here's what we have done this week.  On Monday, we went to Gilley's for the first time this summer.  We usually go several times all summer, but for some reason we haven't made it many times this year.  I forgot my camera so these were all taken with my phone.  They aren't the best and you can't really tell we were actually at Gilly's because I didn't get out too far in fear of dropping my phone. 
Doesn't he look cute in his speedos??

On Tuesday, Logan went to the Art Mill in Cookeville.  I have been wanting to take him all summer, and I barely made it!  This was the last week for art camp, and he had a great time!  When I came to get him he said he wanted to come back!
I thought their paintings were impressive!  I was so proud!!

Another place I have been wanting to go for over a year now is the Treehouse in Crossville.  We haven't ever been and I knew the boys would love it.  The best thing about it...it was free!  It was quite a treehouse.  It was a little difficult keeping up with kids going in all different directions.  I was a little spastic in some parts because not every section has railing that would keep you from falling.  Lucas was a little too adventerous making for one nervous mom at times.  It is amazing to me that this man built the treehouse for all to see.  It is really impressive, but I am horrified that many would deface it by writing on it all throughout the entire thing.  It is just sad to me that some can't respect other people's belongings. 
We made it to the top.  This is what you see looking out.
(Logan pretending he is touching the sun)

We got some art books at the library that teach you how to draw step by step.  We got a food and an insect book.  It has been a great activity for both boys and we have drawn them all two times now.  Time to go get some different ones☺

I told Landon I wanted to go see Monte Carlo and he told me I needed to take Taylor and Mackenzie.  This made me laugh because he said that would be the age group around me.  I was sad to hear that they have already gone to see it.  Maybe I can get them to go again.
Logan's art made all by himself.
Lucas tried drawing the muffin first but got really frustrated.  I ended up drawing his and he colored them.  He would color for hours. 

Landon came home from work and asked me where all these kids came from.  I want to soak it all up before school starts back.  sigh...

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