Yesterday I met Rita and her family in Carthage to take some family pictures.  I am so very sad, but they will be moving to New Jersey at the end of the month because Rita's husband got a promotion with his company.  Although I am happy for them, I am sad that they will be so far away:(  We have been lifelong friends, and I hope they will be back soon.  They were told this would be a temporary move, so hopefully they will be closer before too long.  I told Landon that we are definitely going to visit because she is just going to be a train ride away from NYC and DC. 

Rita wanted some with Steve and the kids because she has come here the last few times without him.  (A Hobby and a Friendly Day).  She said she doesn't have any pictures with the kids and their dad because her camera died.  Here are a few from the day...

Rita is making an ABC book for Connor and she brought a lollipop for the 'L' page.  He was thrilled!

In the meantime, my kids ended up in the water...fully clothed. 
Lucas also discovered an outdoor shower and turned it on right beside me.  They thought that was hilarious.
Then of course, it must be played in!

I was unprepared for this adventure! I didn't bring swimming trunks or a towel.  Needless to say, the ride home was pleasant for them both.  They were completely soaked and covered with sand and grass.  Oh well, they had fun☺

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