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My friend, Trish, discovered some videos and was relentless until I tried them out for myself.  Once we watched them, I ended up getting them all.  I wanted to share with everyone that has children because they are WONDERFUL!  They are by Phil Vischer, the founder of Veggie Tales.  I heard a Focus on the Family broadcast about a year ago with an interview with him over this his regrets in selling Veggie Tales.   Here are the links if you want to listen:  Part 1 and Part 2

After selling Veggie Tales he decided to start a new project with telling the bible in detail with puppets instead.  So far he has five DVDs out.  They are FULL of information and there are many things that he shares in the videos that I just learned about a few years ago. 

We were eating dinner this summer and we started talking about the videos.  They had watched them  them several times in a row in the van.  The boys were telling Landon some details and he was impressed...me too.  Logan was telling details of the Davidic covenant and Lucas was telling what books of the Pentateuch were.  You will be amazed at what all children can learn and pick up on just by watching them.  

We have always been fans of Veggie Tales, but I have sometimes wondered if the changing the stories would confuse them in any way (the tickle feather in Esther for Haman's punishment instead of death, the slushies as weapons in The Battle of Jericho...)  I think they are wonderful and we have watched many of them, but I do like these better. 

I think his plan is to go all the way through the bible, but for now he just has five Genesis-1 Samuel.  The links to Amazon are below the pictures.  It's the cheapest place to get them.

Coming soon...

My boys love them all, but their favorite one is #5.  I just wanted to share because I give them a great review.  They are entertaining and will fill your minds full of biblical truths.   

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