Angry Bird Cupcakes

Jamie, my friend, came over before Christmas one day to work on making some gifts.  I showed her a couple of ideas I had found for Logan's birthday party.  When she saw these cupcakes, she insisted that we make them. She said she would help, so I agreed.  It was a little intimidating to me because I hadn't ever done anything like this before and I didn't want them to turn out like this:

Sometimes a project just doesn't turn out like you planned on but I thought ours turned out really well.

Here's what you need:

1.  Cupcakes (I used a confetti cake mix)

2.  Icing (I used a generic brand of cream cheese icing)
3.  Food coloring.  I got this at Hobby Lobby.  Regular food coloring won't work because you won't
     be able to get a bold enough color. 

4.  Colored sugar, also from Hobby Lobby.  I didn't use near as much as I thougth I would.  I didn't
     even use a fourth of this bottle.  I recommend getting a smaller bottle of this.

5.  Large and small marshmallows
6.  Orange slices
7.  Mini chocolate chips
8.  Black licorice.  The example we looked at used string licorice, but I couldn't find any.  I used black
     Twizzlers, but they were hard to cut up.  If I were to make them again, I would try to find it like      

How to steps:

1.  Make your cupcakes and let cool completely. 

2.  Pour icing into separate bowls.

3.  Add food coloring to icing and stir.  Add more if you want a darker color or icing if you need it   

4.  Frost cupcakes.

5.  Pour sugar into bowls and put cupcake upside down to coat a layer of sugar on top. 
I thought this was brilliant.  I would have made a mess with the sugar trying to sprinkle it on top.  Also you don't use as much this way. 

6.  Cut marshmallows.  The large ones need to me really flat.  I cut one into four slices.  The small
     ones were just cut into two pieces.

7.  Cut orange slices into thirds.  Also, we thought they were too tall and ended up cutting them into

8.  Place large marshmallow on the red and blue cupcakes.

9.  Place beaks on cupcakes.

10.  Place mini chocolate chips into the small marshmallows. 

11.  Jamie put some icing to hold the eyes on better. 

12.  Place eyebrows and you're finished!

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