Christmas 2011

Christmas is so much more fun with children.  It is to me "the most wonderful time of the year." (cheesy I know, but it's true).  The entire month has been memorable with real efforts to try to just slow down and enjoy it all.  One of my favorite things this season was definitely the North Pole Extravaganza, but there were many other things that were memorable as well. This Christmas was another year filled with undeserved blessings.

Christmas Eve...the last day of the countdown.  Advents are complete and the long-awaited day was so near you could taste it.  Their favorite one was the Star Wars Lego one. 
The last one...

Mom's on Christmas Eve
Lucas was so excited he could hardly contain himself.
Logan was excited as well. 
Like father like son.  I have tons of photos of Landon doing the same expression. 

We didn't make cookies this year.  I felt horrible when I realized that we had to leave Oreos for Santa.  I was just relieved we at least had those to set out.

Landon and I had planned on exchanging our gifts to each other, but by the time we got the boys gifts ready we were exhausted.  We decided to wait until Christmas morning instead so we could enjoy it more.  

Santa came!!

They got HP touch pads from mom and dad.  They were excited about this one...

Another gift for the both of them was a zip line for the tree house.  I can't wait to get this one in operation.  I just hope we don't have any injuries from this gift. 
We had a wonderful worship service at church.  I had to play the piano because my mom cut her finger tip badly on a Pampered Chef slicer.  One of my gifts from Landon was a set of knives and I cut my finger also.  Like mother, like daughter. 

Christmas at Rebecca's...

The day after Christmas we had two family places to go.  First was with my dad's side.
Lucas is showing Uncle Charlie his new bible.
I miss her.  She is still here, but not really.  It's sad to see people who you love and were really close with not even know who you are.

Our last Christmas gathering was at my Aunt Phylene's house with my mom's side of the family.

Fun Uncle Eddy played a game with the kids.  He put dollar bills on the ceiling fan and turned it on for a free for all dive for money.  It was entertaining.

My heart is full.  It has been a wonderful weekend.  I am blessed beyond measure and have so much to be thankful for. 


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