One Year Blogoversary

I started this blog in order to track my bible study goal.  I set for myself a lofty goal, and I am sad to say that I am not going to complete the goal of finishing the bible inductively.  I have made a huge dent and have learned so much with the study that I have completed.  One major thing that got me behind throughout this year was our remodel.  I spent countless hours stripping wallpaper and painting, and I got behind.  I will continue until I finish though.  The study of His Word is transforming and I have a new love for Him because of it.  No other books written by fabulous authors can substitute what the living Word says.  My pastor said last night, "Studying His Word will either keep you from sin or sin will keep you from studying His Word."

I also wanted to have a blog to have a family record to share.  It has been rewarding to me to be go back and look at some of the pictures and events that have happened over the year.  It has also been encouraging to hear the sweet comments from everyone.

Here is a blog header year in review:

Some of my favorite posts:
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