Baby Mine

This baby has me wrapped around his finger.  This week has been a bit weepy for me, not because I am overwhelmed, exhausted, or in need of a break.  I am just so thankful I can't even put into words.  Many times I have just held him and stared at every little feature and just cried because I can't believe I get to experience the whole baby stage again. 

I just want to cherish every moment of this stage.  It is such a short time and I want to soak it all up!  I don't think he could be much cuter!

The boys love Lane!  Lucas wants to hold him all the time, but only for about two seconds at a time.  Logan is so sweet and loves to hold him too. 

I love his faces.

Suzanne took some family pictures of us this week.  Lane wasn't very cooperative.

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  1. awh Terri, you have such a beautiful sweet family! Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing.