Christmas Cards

I love Christmas cards!  I love looking at what photos people choose to use, the color schemes, the fonts, and designs.  I enjoy coming up with what we are going to do for our card each year.  This year was no different.
I found a style of addressing envelopes on etsy that I thought was pretty.  Hers is much better because she's a calligrapher: 5th Floor Designs.
I had some helpers to fold.

I saw this pin posted on pinterest by Beth Delk and that is where the idea for this year's Christmas card began. My first quest:  find a piano.  I called Eliot Roberts of Cumberland Piano Works.  He has tuned our church's piano and the school's while I was teaching.  He called me the next day with a number of someone who wanted to get rid of a piano for free in Sparta!  That worked out quickly!  I painted it in the garage with some leftover chalk paint from a project in our Sunday School class.  

I had envisioned being out in a field, but we only made it down the driveway.  I love how they turned out though!  It was a funny sight because Landon was by himself trying to roll the piano down the driveway on a dolly trying not to let it tip over.   When he got it where we were going to take pictures, he looked at me and said, "We're not doing this next year."  haha.  I'm thankful that he goes along with my crazy ideas.  

Here is the outside of our card:

And this is the inside:

Landon was going to chop it up and take it to the burn pile, but thankfully Suzanne spared it.  She is going to use it for a photography prop.  So if you want a pic with a blue piano, give her a call:)

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