Logan's 10th Birthday

DOUBLE DIGITS!!  AGG!  I'm not sure how I feel about this.  Logan's party is always last minute and thrown together.  It's so busy in December!  I would love to do his birthday party on his half birthday, but Landon's not on board with that idea.  

Logan loves basketball and wanted to have an IU basketball party. 

Amber Weatherly was awesome and was accommodating to my last minute order!  She made red velvet cupcakes, the cake, and chocolates.  She made me cookie dough so I could make the cookies. 
Landon liked the theme for this party!

We had a double elimination three on three basketball tournament.  We had one team of four that subbed out one player.  I'd like to say a big thanks to Michael Dickerson and Don Butcher for reffing, Sara Farris and Suzanne Dickerson for running the clock and scoreboard.
The Hoosiers.
The Blue Devils
The Tarheels
The Volunteers

Julie brought a craft for the ones who didn't want to play basketball.  It was a basketball ornament they could paint.  I'm so thankful for her!  What a great friend!!
Lane wasn't very happy at the party.  He was sleepy.Thankfully grandparents were there to pass him around:)

He had a screaming rendition of "Happy Birthday".

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  1. I love the look on Landon's face during the 'Screaming Rendition' of Happy Birthday!! Priceless! Happy Birthday Logan! I'm glad I could be involved in making it a memorable one for you! :)