North Pole Party

This is one of the things I look forward to all year.  It is a great deal of work and preparation, but it is completely worth it.  On the day of the party when everything was almost completed other than the food that everyone would bring, I sat on my steps and could see into the dining room and the living room where it was all set up.  I got all emotional and misty eyed over how everything looked beautifully decorated, ready for our special guests to arrive.  It just made me think how quickly this precious time of my children being this age is going.  It is fleeting and I just sat there and had a moment where I was overwhelmed with many emotions.  My heart was full and just extremely thankful for the privilege of having three wonderful, healthy boys.  I am thankful that I get to do fun activities with them and for them because I want them to have the best childhood possible with lots of wonderful memories.  I get more excited about this party than the kids. It's really a special and magical party.  

We had a photo booth last year and it was so cute.  Plus the kids have fun and they love to be silly for a picture.  I think we could have done this for several hours with different props and different combinations. Here are a few of LOTS of photo booth pictures...

Like last year, we divided up the activities and food list among the moms.  The food is always soooo cute!!
aka oreo balls....so delish!

Rita came to visit me over Thanksgiving and shared with me a poem to share the story of Christmas with M&M's.  
Taylor and Mackenzie watched the Lane and Jackson:)

Reindeer Bar:

Ornament Craft:
We all loved the ornament that Rebecca made with the kids last year so she did the same one with different colors this year.  It is SO cute!  It's a spool with their Christmas list written on it.

Handprint/Footprint Craft:
This was a last minute add on.  I was at Wal-Mart the day of the party getting some supplies and I couldn't resist doing the handprint craft.  We were trying to cut out some activities because it takes a while, but I looked on my mantle with the canvases from the last two years and I just couldn't help myself.  Another reason why I decided to take it out is because Logan HATES getting paint on his hands.  Even as a child, at church he would have to be coaxed into it and he would finally give in reluctantly.  One year, they just did an outline around his hand because he threw a fit in Mrs. Norma's class. So, I thought I would spare him.  He wasn't thrilled when I changed my mind.  I told him that could be my Christmas present. ha.
We had an assembly line in the kitchen. 

Cookie Decorating:


I asked Santa to focus on Jesus this year explain that Christmas isn't about him but about Jesus.  He read from Luke 2 to the children and shared "his" testimony.

Hot Chocolate Bar:

To create your own party here is a resource list:
*Photo Booth Printables from Lemon Squeeze Designs on Etsy.  
*Backdrop from Swanky Prints on Etsy.  I got a 4x4, but it wasn't big enough.  I'd order a large size if I were to   do over.  I borrowed the stand from my mother-in-law.
*The milk bottles are Yohoo bottles that I removed the labels off.  I got some oval shaped labels at 
*I tied strings around the tops with this baker's twine from Amazon.
*Food inspired by Pinterest: reindeer popspigs in a blanket wreath,  cheese and veggie treeGrinch Kabobs
Handprint Craft
* The bottles for the cookie decorating were purchased at Wal-Mart in the cake decorating section.  Two jars of icing filled three bottles. 
* Some printables from my shop: InvitationReindeer framescustom PJ printableAt Christmas all roads lead homeCharlie Brown "Christmas Time Is Here" lyrics

Past Parties: 20112012

This party was inspired two years ago by one of my favorite bloggers, Kelle Hampton.  


  1. AMAZING! We do a gingerbread house decorating party but it is nowhere as cute as this! I'm pinning this to get some ideas for our party next year! I was also inspired by Kellie!

    1. Nicole, we tried gingerbread houses at our first parties, but they were all flops. It was comical. haha.

  2. What amazing party ideas! Can't wait to present them to our children's committee at church.