Disney Trip

We have been to Disney World several times, but it never gets old!  We have been at different times of the year, but I think February is the best.  I do love seeing all the Christmas decorations, but smaller crowds made up for it!  The weather was great, just a little rainy our first day.  I was a little worried about Lane going since he is still small, but he was absolutely perfect and no trouble at all.  I'm so glad we got to go!  It was a GREAT trip!

This photo was after we made him ride Rockin' Roller Coaster.  He wasn't a fan.  poor thing.

Dinner at Sci-Fi...I LOVE this place!!

Building custom light sabers.
Doing jumping jacks with an army man.
Playhouse Disney

Second day at Hollywood Studios
Pin Trading fun.
I'm Singin' in the Rain...
Getting ready for Jedi Training.
Logan got to use the "force" on the Storm Troopers.

Waiting on the big boys to ride Test Track.
Trying different kinds of Coca-cola from different countries.

Character Brunch in Animal Kingdom
They've outgrown the characters.  They didn't want to get their picture made.  
He was fine the first time Goofy was in the room, but the second time he flipped out.
High five with Mickey

Safari time!
Lucas rode Everest for the first time.  He loved it! 
Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Dinner at Boma.

Magic Kingdom

Dinner at Ohana in the Polynesian

New bath toys from Mamaw!

Second Day at Magic Kingdom
Logan wasn't thrilled about the new Little Mermaid ride.

I was excited to see the new section at Magic Kingdom.  We had dinner at the new Be Our Guest restaurant.  It was simply beautiful.
Being silly while waiting for our dinner reservation.
Try the gray stuff, it's delicious.  Don't believe me?  Ask the dishes.
I can't believe the Beast didn't make Lane cry!
We ended a wonderful trip with a Dessert buffet and fireworks.

Fun times traveling home...
If I ever need a pick-me-up, I just watch this video.  haha.

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