Lane's 2nd Birthday Party

This year for Lane's birthday, we had a Mickey Mouse party.  He LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and he loved Disney World!  It's hard to believe my baby is TWO already.  He is such a blessing to us!  We had a small party again this year with immediate family (and Julie...close as family).  It was a beautiful day to celebrate.

I adore this wreath!  Rachel made it and I thought it was so cute!
Julie asked me what she could do to help.  I sent her a picture of a sign like this.  She was so sweet to make it!!  
The burlap garland was really easy to make, and I love how it turned out!
These took a while to make, but I love them!  I printed out Mickey Mouse comic strips and decoupaged them to these cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby. 
While we were at Disney World, we bought two molds and a cookie cutter to make some sweet treats for the party.
Mickey chocolates.
Mamaw made the cookies!  Hers are soooo good!
Mickey brownies.
Rebecca made the cake for Lane.
I love his shirt!  I sewed on some buttons and hand embroidered his name.
Sweet little cousins.
Let's eat!
He liked the Mickey sprinkles.  He picked them off to eat them.

Lane and Grandpa or gee-paw as he calls it:)
Lane and Granny.
Lane and Nana.
Lane with Mawaw and Papaw.
Aunt Sara came even though she had major dental surgery the day before.  So sweet!
Rachel and some coordinating friends.
Lane and Aunt Rebecca.
Lane with Uncle Michael, Aunt Alyx, and Davis.
Lane loves Julie.  She gives him candy:)

My kind of gift!  I think it's more for me instead.  haha
Lane got several musical toys for his birthday.  They had a little jam session.
Mickey Legos!

Four generations at his party.

You take what you can get.  haha.

We love you Lane Turner!!!!  

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