I am finally returning to a bit of normalcy this week.  On Monday, I was on the verge of a meltdown because of all the chaos surrounding me.  We moved into a construction zone, and it is difficult to get back to normal when there is still work going on.  It is pointless to try and clean or unpack anything.  Also, we sold our bedroom furniture so we have been living out of our redneck packing...garbage bags.  We ran out of boxes so we had to resort to throwing everything in garbage bags. 

Over the weekend, we had a few minor setbacks.  First, on Friday when we were trying out the new shower, Keith came over a little while later to do some work and he yelled up to me and said there was water all over the kitchen floor.  Of course, I was thinking the worst case scenario...we were going to have to rip out the entire freshly laid tile and find the problem.  Luckily, it was a minor fix and nothing had to be ripped out to fix.

Then, on Saturday, our appliances were delivered.  This was a pleasant sight to pull up to...

I couldn't wait to have the kitchen put together and have a washer and dryer.  Of course, it wouldn't just be an easy thing to just deliver appliances and it all work smoothly.  When they brought in the refrigerator, it didn't fit. 

The microwave didn't fit either.  It was a simple fix for Keith to come and cut the cabinets, but then there would be more mess and more painting!!  So frustrating!!

Anyway, Landon sensed my near anxiety attack on Monday and he came home from work and said to get our bags packed because we were going to go to Atlanta for the night.  We had to make a return anyway and were planning on going Tuesday.  It was a nice surprise and was a much welcomed mini-getaway, even if only for the night.  The weather was beautiful and we saw some budding trees!! 

We went to my new favorite store....

 You've just got to love a store that has food and childcare.  I think other stores should look into the childcare part.  Think how much faster your shopping trips would be:)

We bought several new things for the house.

I didn't ever think we would fit it all in the van.  Landon is a master packer.  Why would I ever doubt him?
I am still impressed!
 It was a short trip but it was rejuvenating. 

Today was a beautiful day as well.  I decided to clean off the front porch to get outside for a little while, and the boys got to enjoy our awesome yard.  It is one of my favorite things about our new house. 
Help!  I can't reach!

I love the trees!!!

And flowers...
...so do the boys.  They pick me flowers often.  

Yep, that's all of them.
He picked them all with a very short stem.  I managed to get them into a bud vase, and they were so proud to see their creation displayed on the mantle.  I am reminded of a time when I did the same thing.  My mom's favorite flowers are irises.  She had several planted in the yard, and I wanted to go pick her some.  I picked them all with a nub of a stem.  I remember her forcing a smile and telling me thank you so much because really she would have rather enjoyed them in the yard:)

Welcome Spring!  I have missed you!

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