Christmas in March

This is the day Logan has been waiting for since around November.  He saw a commercial for the new 3-D DS and came to ask how to earn some money to save to buy a new one.  He got some money for his birthday and Christmas, and he wanted to save it until the new DS came out to buy it.  So, he has been saving it all this time.  Landon pre-ordered the DS months ago and it finally arrived today.  We tried to throw him off a bit so it would be a total surprise.  We told him that he didn't have enough money for the new DS and that we were going to get him legos instead.
Landon first gave him a Star Wars Clone Wars Lego 3 DS game.  He told him that he got him a different kind of legos than he thought.  Then he told him to read it and Logan saw that it was for the 3DS.  Landon acted like he couldn't take it back and he may not be able to play it after all.  He was a bit disappointed for a brief moment, but Landon then showed him his long awaited Christmas gift....
He was speechless!
It can make you a little dizzy.

It is such fun when you get this reaction:)

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