What's in a Name?

I know this may sound a bit crazy to some, but that's okay with me.  One thing that is really improtant to me when looking at a house is the street name.  It is something to consider when putting your return address on your Christmas cards:)  I don't want to have a lame street name, and it would be a potential deal breaker for me. 

Our first house Landon and I lived in was on...
Linda Avenue was not particularly my favorite street name and it also reminded me of one of my dearest friends mother who passed away not long before we got married.  Linda Maynard was like a second mother to me and this was a constant reminder that she was taken too soon.

Our first home that we owned was a better street name...
Not quite this Madison Ave, but it has a nice ring to it.

While building, we lived on...
I really like this street name as well as the next destination...
Our final stop (hopefully) has a great name.  Actually, it's one of my favorites...

I looked on a map at all the street names in Sparta and White County.  I made a list of the ones that I loved and some that I wonder, "what were they thinking?"  I don't mean to offend anyone if you or someone you know lives on a road that I don't like.  It's just a matter of opinion and more than likely, you didn't pick out the name:)

Street Names I like:
This good one is a waste.  There isn't even a house on this street.

Doesn't it sound like Winnie the Pooh lives in this street?

I love this one.  It means "Creator God".

And my top two favorites....

Many of the ones that I don't care for are named after someone.  There are LOTS of streets named after people in this county.  It is fine if you have a regal name like...
But, there are lots that aren't so fortunate...
Say that one quickly.

I wonder if these two are related...

I should move on this street because it was my maiden name:)

Here are some other ones that I would really hate to put on my return address...

Is it old or is it new?  No one knows:)

The best one...
Right next to Big Bottom, which has no street sign (that I could find).

Although I could have simply written down the lists, this was much more fun to do.  Even though I spent two afternoons and a half a tank of gas on this adventure, it was worth it.  I usually stay in my few mile radius and don't venture out very far on a regular basis.  This was a fun way to see the beauty in our community from literally one side to the other.  It was beautiful weather and I got a chance to roll down the window and sing at the top of my lungs.  It was a great time to clear my mind and enjoy the beauty all around me that I don't take the time to see. 

I went many roads that I have never been on before.  Some were a little scary:)  I even did something that I can't remember the last time doing...I peed on the side of the road.  There was no where to go.  I NEVER do this, and I am so thankful that no one was around.  Anyway, here are a few things I saw along the way...

Some places in the most beautiful part in White County...Hickory Valley.
Check out the Caskey's drive with their blooming trees.  Someone should plan a wedding at their house this time of year so the bride can be processed down this drive in a horse and carriage...breathtaking.

Other places in the county...

How cool would this be???  A covered bridge crossing a creek to your house.  This is Landon's dream.
Oh, yes.  I crossed it.  I couldn't help myself.

I would love to see it at night with the lights turned on!!

I saw some great yard art...

Also, in my travels, I took a stroll down memory lane. 

I spent many summer days at my Granny Sallye's house.  I don't drive by it often, but when I do, I am flooded with lots of memories.
I can't tell you how many times I rode up and down her driveway on my bike listening to my portable cassette player.  (Probably New Kids on the Block).  It seemed like such a long driveway as a child.

On the other end of the county, I used to come here to get circus peanuts with my great grandfather.

And here with my mom to buy fabric...

Anyway, thank goodness for a GPS system to get me where I was going.   This has sparked another interest in something my friend Trish told me about after I told her what I was doing the last few days.  Her sister does this in Georgia...Geocaching.  I think we are going to try it out.  I think the boys will like it.

Sorry if you start looking at street signs now:)


  1. One of my favorites in White Co. is Idlewild Dr. because I love Anne of Green Gables. We live on Webster Ln. Very appropriate!
    Also, my nieces in Memphis do geocaching.
    The pictures are great. Steve and I are good at driving around the county; so are Chad and Rebekah!

  2. Good one Cheryl. I should have done that one. Anne of Green Gables is one of my favorites too! Yes, your street is appropriate. At least it is a good last name:)

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog tonight by reading about Katy and David's new baby on the way......anyway, You broke me into tears with your pictures. The covered bridge over the drive, that is where I grew up. My grandfather's and my dad built it when I was 7 or 8, I think. My Pa Wood is no longer with us. I haven't thought of this in a long, long time. And it has been 20 years sense I have seen it up close. On the house side of the bridge, mine, my brother and my sisters hand prints are in the concrete....Thank you for the memories tonight. And by the way...we live on Big Bottom Road...and you have to cross Butt's Bridge to get there...lol. I really enjoyed reading this. Becky Brogden

  4. I just love you, Terri. :) I vote this your best blog post, most definitely.

  5. You went just about everywhere didn't you. lol. Even went to Cherry Creek. That's where I grew up. Papa used to take me to Copeland's for ice cream. Demps road was named after him though we all lived on Clarence Gillen. It's a beautiful place.

  6. You were right by our house. lol You should have stopped by.

  7. Don't you know Granny Laurine would just flip out knowing you used all that gas driving around the county.
    By the way, I love the pictures.