I just love Christmas!  It is much more fun when you have children.  I am blessed beyond measure. 
I love how Landon decorates the house for Christmas.  It makes me smile when I pull up at night.

To start off our Christmas family functions, we went to Landon's parents house on Christmas Eve morning. 

We had a Christmas Eve Silent Lord's Supper at church.  I ended up taking Lane out because "silent" isn't possible unless he's asleep.  He got to play with a little friend. 
I wish Gabrielle lived in Sparta so he could have a little friend at church his age.  They laughed at each other.  It was so cute!

Sara wrapped my presents this year.  It's the best they have ever looked.  I can't tie bows very well, but hers are beautiful.
Here are my bows...not like hers☺
Then off to my mom's for Christmas. 
 It doesn't take long to start this.
I was excited to give this gift.  He loves Duck Dynasty.
Lucas wanted to take some pictures.
Time to get ready for Santa.

Christmas morning
 Santa brought what they asked for...Electric Sparks Scooters!!
They weren't expecting this one.  We got them a WiiU.  They flipped out.
Pacis and puffs, what more do you need?
They wanted to try out their new scooters outside, even though it was freezing.
Logan is trying out his sparks.

I really wish I had this on video.  It is faster than Lucas thought and it took off with him.  He almost crashed into the house, and it scared him.
You'd think I would have this memorized, but I always have to look at the recipe.  We had chocolate gravy and biscuits for breakfast.  My granny used to make this for me all the time and I always looked forward to it as a child.  Who am I kidding...as an adult too!
Granny's Chocolate Gravy Recipe
1 cup sugar
3 tbs flour
2 cups milk
4 tbs cocoa
2 tbs butter
tsp vanilla
Stir all ingredients into a large bowl.  Microwave for 3 minutes and stir.  Repeat at 30 second intervals until thick.  Watch to make sure it doesn't overflow in your microwave.  It gets me every time!
We hosted Christmas this year for Landon's family.  We have a rotation for each holiday.  Instead of our traditional Christmas meal, we had eggrolls.  Of course there were several A Christmas Story jokes. 
We have two new babies this Christmas!!
A little Euchre game before the meal.
They cooked them outside so it wouldn't be stinky.
Landon got a UK lanyard as a joke.  I'm sure he will use that one.
The day after Christmas we celebrate with my dad's family.  We have gone to Life Care for the last several years because Della Mae has a hard time getting around and it's just easier for us to just do it there. 
Lane started crawling correctly instead of his flop/scoot. 
We hope you had a blessed Christmas as well!!


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  1. Super sweet! Love Lucas's face with the scooters!