Homeschool Fall Semester CO-OP

Late this summer, Amanda Randolph asked me if I wanted to help her plan our own homeschool Co-op group in Sparta.  There are some large groups with many families in both Cookeville and Crossville, but we wanted to have one here instead.  We weren't really sure what we were doing because neither of us had even participated in one ourselves.  We did the best we could and I know my kids certainly looked forward to it each week.  Even though it was a lot of work for me to prepare for the classes, organize everything, and just get there on time, it was worth it to see how much my kids enjoyed it.  I thought for our first semester, we had a great turnout and it is a great way to see other moms who are doing the same thing.  Sometimes homeschooling can feel isolating because you can feel out there all by yourself.  We had twelve families participate with a total of 28 children. 

Here were the classes and schedule the children could sign up for:
Classes                                                                                    Teacher
1. Photography                                                                        Suzanne Dickerson
2. Science Experiments                                                           Amanda Randolph
3. Manners and Etiquette                                                         Terri Dickerson          
4. 1-mile run                                                                            Terri Dickerson
5. Lego Club                                                                            Amber Weatherly
6. Keepers at Home/Contenders of the Faith                                                        

12:30-1:00       Photography
1:05-1:35         Science Experiments/Manners and Etiquette
1:40-2:10         Science Experiments/Manners and Etiquette
2:15-2:45         1-mile run/Lego Club
2:50-3:20         Keepers at Home/Contenders of the Faith

Photography Class:

Manners/Etiquette Class:

Landon came and taught them how to tie a tie.  He's so great!
Setting the table.

Learning how to fold napkins.

Science Experiments Class:
Amanda's class met at the same time as my classes so I didn't get many pictures.  She did some really neat experiments though!
Lego Club:
For the last day of the semester, we had a banquet to put our good manners to practice.  Amber Weatherly prepared a FANTASIC meal.  The kids came early to help set the table and fold napkins.  They were supposed to dress up.  They were all well behaved☺
Suzanne did a contest in her class to see who could make the best reflector.
Jay Franklin had the best☺  I told him he looked like a Senator.

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