North Pole Christmas Party

We had this Christmas party last year and it was so magical and a highlight of the month, we decided to do it again.  However, we planned a little more in advance rather than throwing the party together in five days like last year.  This year we divided up the list of food and activities among the moms so it wasn't too much on one person.  I seriously think I get excited about this party a little more than I should.  haha.
Yummy/Adorable Food:

Photo Booth

Handprint Craft:  The three wisemen

Reindeer Bar:

Minute to Win It Games:
This game was hilarious!  They had to sniff the tissue paper and pass it around the circle.
In this game they had vasoline on their nose and they had to swing the pom pom ball on the string and try to stick on their nose.
In this game, they had to get the oreo from their forehead to their mouth without using their hands.
They also played a marshmallow toss game.

Then we had a special visitor....

Gingerbread Nativity Craft:

Ornament Craft:
These will definitely be a treasure for me for years to come.  They wrote (or told) their Christmas list and attached it to the spool.  It is an absolutely ADORABLE ornament and a keepsake!!

Hot Chocolate Bar:
Chloe asked all night for hot chocolate.  She was very excited to finally get some.

Trish makes me laugh in this one!

To create your own party here is a resource list:
*Photo Booth Printables from Lemon Squeeze Designs on Etsy.  I hung up wrapping paper for the  
  backdrop.  Fabric would really be better because there was a glare from the light. 
*The milk bottles are yohoo bottles that I removed the labels off.  I got some oval shaped labels at
*I tied strings around the tops with this baker's twine from Amazon.
*Food inspired by Pinterest: snowmen doughnuts, Santa Hat Brownies, Candy Cane Marshmallow 
Gingerbread Nativity Craft

This party was inspired last year by my favorite blogger Kelle Hampton.  I'm already looking forward to next year. 


  1. Looks like a bunch of fun!! :)

  2. There really is only ONE word to describe it... Magical! Thank you for all you do!

  3. Looks like so much fun!! Such a great idea, and your group sure did look like they enjoyed themselves!!