Unseasonable Weather...Soaking it Up!!

The last two days have been warmer than usual and we have enjoyed getting to go outside!!  My uncle Eddy once told me when I was young that everyone always complains about the weather...if it's cold, people can't wait until it gets warm.  When it's hot, everyone can't wait until it gets cooler.  It's funny to read in my news feed on facebook people complaining about this warm weather because they want snow.  For me, it has been GREAT!!  I do like snow, but I will take 65 degree days in January any day. 

The boys played outside for a while today with their scooters, skateboards, on the trampoline, and the tree house.  They were so excited!!
Lucas said he was penguin.

Landon was outside burning some cardboard boxes and getting the trash ready to take out.  He heard Lucas screaming and he thought he was really hurt.  Lucas ran to Landon yelling that he went down the fire pole!  He has been afraid to do it until now and he was so proud of himself!
He looks a little terrified here, but he slid down it with some serious speed.  He's an all or nothing kid.

Lucas came out of the house with an armload of stuffed animals because they had a "meeting" in the tree house. 

It doesn't take long to turn into a wrestling match...
It was a beautiful day!

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