Make Your Own Canvas Prints

We recently finished our basement and of course the decor is in Indiana University memorabilia.  Landon has gotten to meet many of the basketball players the last several times he has gone to some ballgames.  He has had his photo taken with them and he wanted to display them on the wall somehow.  Landon's cousin, Missie, told me she had made her own canvas prints and she said it was simple to do, so I thougth I would give it a try myself for this project. 

Here's what you need:
canvas (I used 8x10 and 8x8)
white tissue paper
card stock paper
foam brush

**These photos were taken with my cell phone, so I apologize for the blurry pics.

Step 1:
Cut out tissue paper about an inch larger than your card stock paper.  This doesn't have to be a perfectly straight line because you will trim this later. 
Step 2:
Wrap the edges of the tissue paper around the card stock paper and tape down.  It is important to tape this down well so you won't have any jamming in the printer.
Step 3:
Time to print.  Make sure you know which direction to put your paper in before you print this piece.  You can do a test print to double check so you don't waste your ink and your effort putting this together. 
Step 4:
Once ink is dry (really important!!!!) carefully untape the tissue paper from card stock.
Step 5:
Trim around the picture making about a half inch border.  This also doesn't have to be perfect because once it is wrapped around the canvas, it won't show.

Step 6:
Get your foam brush and apply Mod-Podge over entire canvas.     
Working quickly, carefully place your picture on top of your canvas and smooth out all creases from the center first. Be careful around the edges because it can easily rip. I put photo on first, then once that was in place, I held up the canvas and put the Mod-Podge on the edges smoothing those as I went. 

Repeat as many times as you wish...


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