Where Has the Time Gone?

Logan, my first born son turned 7 today...where has the time gone?  I can close my eyes and remember clearly the first time I laid eyes on that precious bundle of joy.  Nothing could prepare me for the emotions that I would have as I met our son that we were anxiously awaiting.  He has brought such joy into our family and I am truly thankful that God allowed me the privilege and responsibilty to be his mother. 

Here is a stroll through each birthday...

His first birthday party was in the Fellowship Hall at our church.  We didn't do a theme
because he wasn't really interested in anything particular. 

Logan's 2nd Birthday party was at Pat's Book and Card.  He loved Elmo!!

We had Logan's Micky Mouse 3rd Birthday party at Wiggle Time.

We had Logan's 4th birthday party at home.

He went on a Scavenger Hunt to find a treasure that was buried in our yard by Blackbeard.

He still believes this too:)


Logan's 5th birthday party was also at home.  We were in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle phase...

He had his first sleepover with his friends.

Logan's 6th birthday party was a Sponge Bob pool party at the Cookeville YMCA. 

He also had a sleepover and it snowed!!  They were so excited!

This year, his party was a Star Wars party at Chuckles.  They made balloon animals, made sundaes, played lazer tag, played in the arcade.  We had a sleepover again and they had a nerf gun battle...

 He made all the boys balloon light sabres.

Ella was so excited about getting hers, I thought she was going to bust.  It was so cute.

He was obviously excited about this gift. 

Nerf Gun Battles...

They are prepared and ready for battle.

Logan and his big gift from mom and dad.

Check out Lucas' dart. 

William, the nerf gun connoisseur.

Nerf guns are a great toy for any age!!!

They ended the evening with watching "A Christmas Carol".



  1. Where has 7 years gone?!? Great post, Terri!!! Happy bday little man!

  2. I can't believe he's 7! Good grief. Happy Birthday, Logan!!!

  3. Love your blog! It is wild how fast they grow. What an awesome day it is when you first meet your child. And then, before you know it they are 7! WOW!