I often create pressure on myself that is unnecessary.  I have in my head the way that I think things should be, and anything less than that is just a disappointment.  A big area that I do this in is Christmas and making gifts.  I enjoy all things crafty, so I like to make my own gifts each year.  Some of the things I have enjoyed making in years past...

 This isn't a very good picture, but they are towels that I embroidered.

I just love when I get the "cry" gift.  haha.  It is a photo calendar...the gift that keeps on giving all year long.

You can't really see this one either, but it is a cookbook/scrapbook that I put together for Richard.  His mom loved to cook and before she passed away, she made a cookbook of her favorite recipes.   I created it into a hardback book with photos of her and family.  One of my personal favorites.

This same year, I made all my sisters-in-law wedding books.  I don't know why I didn't take a picture!?

This was a fun project to do.  It was like a scavenger hunt to find the letters.  Logan really had fun
helping me with this one.

Last year, Landon and I made these wooden signs for everyone.  It was a fairly simple project to do.  They are also what we do for closing gifts, so if you would like one, you should buy a house from Landon:) 

I also made two dresses for Ella last year for her exchange gift.  She was so excited!!

This year, I decided that I didn't want to make anything.  I didn't want the stress of having to get it finished so I didn't even start any projects.  This is so unlike me, but it was liberating!!   I almost gave in; however, because I had a great project that would be simple to do.  Maybe next year, or not. So, all of my Christmas gifts this year are lovingly hand-picked from a store instead of handmade.  

Something else that was liberating was at Chloe's skating party this week.   
    I felt like a kid again!!  It was first time I have skated in YEARS!    

 The last several skating parties I have attended, I have just watched or helped the boys
attempt skating instead of skating myself.  I had the best time!  

Lucas and Soloman had fun chasing and being chased by all the skaters.  It was quite an obstacle
course and Julie ended up crashing on top of Lucas.  Poor little guy:) 

Cameron has some skating skills.  He was kind to teach Logan how to skate as well. 

 Julie's dad and husband being silly. (They are going to love these pictures)

I would like to request to all my friends and kids friends to have skating parties from now on.  
We will be there and I will be skating!! 


  1. So proud of you for sticking to the "no making" resolve!!! It was a super fun party!!!

  2. Terri!!! You are so TALENTED!!! The party was so much fun!!! I will be skating from now on too! Love ya! :) We look like we are about ready to hold hands in the last photo! LOL! Leanne