Trim the Tree...Finally!

My Christmas ornaments are some of my most prized possessions that I own.  Every year I look forward to decorating the tree because of the memories they each hold.  Several years ago, I started buying an ornament every time we went somewhere, so when I get the ornaments out each year, I am reminded of the places we have gone.  I wanted to share a few....

This was the first oranment I purchased on a trip.  We were on a family trip to
Disney World in 2002 and all the girls decided to get one alike. 

This ornament was from a girls trip to New Orleans in 2003. 
I was 4 months preganant with Logan on this trip.

This was from Amelia Island in 2004.  It was Logan's first time to the beach.

This ornament was from South Padre Island, Texas.  We went in December of 2004 with Landon's family.

Landon and Brandon went fishing, and we took their fish to get cooked at a local restaurant...Dirty Al's.  Sounds appetizing, doesn't it?  It was some of the best fish I have ever eaten!  Also, it was an entertaining meal because Brandon decided he could beat the guys that were arm wrestling on the other side of the restaurant.  He went over there and beat the guy and in the process, broke the table.  Brandon said when he came back, "That guy bit off more than he could chew."  Fun times! 

While on the same trip, we crossed the border into Mexico for a day. 

This is one of my favorite pictures of Logan!

In May of 2005, the Drama Department at the high school took a trip to New York. 
 I had a great time, but I missed Landon and Logan.

We are on 42nd Street.  We sang this song in our 1930s themed Coffeehouse Concert that year.  This is me with two of my favorite students...Julie Jared and Scarlett Slatton.  Also, what is up with my Peter Pan green pants?  Why didn't someone tell me how stupid those look?  Where are my friends??

Can we say tourists??

Logan's First Trip to Disney in 2005

We went to Isle of Palms, SC in 2006.  We also went to Charleston (one of my favorite places!)

Holiday World...one of the best places to go!

In New York, we went to see The Lion King.  I couldn't wait to take Logan when it came to Nashville.  It was one of the best days EVER!  He didn't want to take an intermission he loved it so much.

Destin 2007...Lucas' First trip to the Beach!

Disney again...yes, we love to go:)

Townsend Mission Trip 2007
Lucas with his fave...Yay Yay.  He couldn't say Mackenzie, so this is what her called her.

Destin 2008

Our first trip with just our family.  Disney 2009

Last summer, we stopped along the way while on our way to Mississippi to see some family.

This is from Mammoth Cave, KY.  Lucas was not potty trained at this time and as soon as we entered the cave for the 2 hour tour, Lucas pooped.  They wouldn't let you take any bags on the tour so I didn't have a diaper bag.  Landon told every stranger along the way that it was me.  It was pleasant.

Ornaments for this year...
Ryan and Casey's Wedding...Panama City Beach, FL

Coming home from Indiana on the 4th, we made a few stops along the way.

Landon has gone on some trips and he has no pictures.  He said his photographer wasn't there:) 

Here are some other ornaments that I love that aren't from trips we have taken. 

And these just make me smile...

The boy's new ornaments for this year are some of my favorites.
In case you can't read them, Logan's says, "Mom's Favorite Oldest Child"
and Lucas' says, "Mom's Favorite Youngest Child".

Thanks for touring our tree, it tells a story of the places we have been. 


  1. Love the tree and all of the memories that you will have year after year....

  2. Love them!!! I love that you included pictures from all of the trips!!!

  3. How SWEET!!! I wish I had started that like 11 YEARS ago... :)

  4. I love this post! We will start collecting ornaments, now. :)

  5. Great Casey! I didn't start collecting them for a few years after we were married, but I don't think I missed anywhere, except the Bahamas for our honeymoon.