Sore Loser Schizophrenia

I would not consider myself to be extremely comptetive person (especially if compared to my husband), but every now and then, it rears its ugly head.  This weekend, Logan got a Star Wars Trouble game from one of his friends for a birthday gift and he wanted to play it last night.

I love to play board games and what better way to spend a snowy evening!!  The first game Landon and Logan almost had 2 of their pieces in the home area before I could even roll a 6 to get started on my first piece...can we say frustrating?  Needless to say, I lost that game so I wanted a rematch.  Logan smoked us all in the first game. 

The second game started out much better for me.  I got all my pieces out quickly and was well on my way to a victory!!  Then...in ONE turn, Logan somehow managed to send three of my pieces back to start.  In an instant, my entire mood goes from happy-go-lucky to irritable.  I honestly wanted to quit and even made up an excuse for leaving the table saying I had to go the bathroom.  Landon and Logan continued to roll for me while I away.  In the meantime, I was thinking to myself, "What is wrong with me??  I am acting like a child!  It is just a game!  I can't be a quitter in front of Logan because I am losing!!"  So, I went back in and finished what little of the game was left. 

This was the end of the second game.  Logan won (red), Landon-one away (green)
 and wow...me so advanced...3 stuck at start and one barely out (yellow)

I don't know if it the smack-talking from Landon or the fact that I lost twice to a 6 year old that bothered me the worst.  Landon is now rubbing off on Logan in the smack-talking department.  

 This is Logan smacking his butt saying we got spanked.

 Landon says the phrase "winner, winner, chicken dinner" sometimes and Logan
 went and wrote this for us after beating us twice.

I am not typically like this because I really don't care if I win or lose most of the time.  Also, I am used to losing at everything against Landon.  Before we had children, we thought we would play Canasta.  Let me just say, it didn't work out and we didn't play very often because I would get mad everytime.  There are two other things that cause me to behave this way...any time playing Monopoly (unless I am winning), and when I end up getting stuck and can't lay down my phase in Progressive Rummy.  

By the way, I realize that this behavior is absolutely ridiculous.  It feels like I am out of control of my emotions when this occurs.  I think it is just Landon that brings it out in me.  haha.  So for now, I guess I need to learn not to be such a sore loser. 

(Lucas was the photographer)

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