A Stroll Down Christmas Card Lane

One of my favorite things about Christmas is creating, sending, and receiving Christmas cards.  I love getting cards from others to see how children grow from one year to the next.  I enjoy all things crafty and have many hobbies, so creating Christmas cards is something that I really look forward to doing this time of the year. 

Before we had children, this was something I never put any thought toward and didn't send any cards.  My first Christmas card was just one that I had made from Wal-Mart.

The next year, I got a little more crafty and decided to make my own.  This card was inspired by Martha Stewart.  I think I saw it on one of her shows.  I was off on maternity leave with Lucas and thought it looked simple enough. 

It was made with a 12x12 piece of double sided paper with the photo glued in the middle.  You just fold down the sides and use something to fasten it together.

 I even made our own labels...I was too cheap to buy them.

The next year is when I completely lost my mind.  I saw an idea on the Scrapbooking show that I wanted to do for our Christmas card.  I even started it in November so I would have plenty of time.  Let me just say....NEVER AGAIN will I do a card like this.  For one thing, it took FOREVER to assemble.  It was also really expensive because I used 2 5x5 photos and 2 wallets on each card, in addition to the paper and the embellishments.   To top it all off, I had to use additional postage.

It may seem simple at first glance, oh, but it's not.  

  It was made with 2 pieces of 12x12 double sided scrapbooking paper, folded and glued together.  Of course, every single section had to have something either stamped, stickered, or covered with a photo!




Like I said earlier...I will NEVER do a card like this again:)  The next year, I wised up and just made my own photo cards.  It was much cheaper and easier to do, and I am still making it, technically. 

I am not going to post this years, because it will ruin the element of surprise for those I will be sending a Christmas Card:) 

One thing that I did not particularly enjoy this year when addressing our cards was removing Landon's papaw off our address list.  He went to be with the Lord in September.  He is one of the greatest men I have ever known, and he made such an impact on everyone around him.  He is missed tremendously by all of the family. 

This is one of my favorite pictures of them taken last Christmas.  No matter the age and
the circumstances, it is still hard to let someone go.  He is in heaven and would not come
back even if he could.  He left an incredible legacy, and he was the closest example to
Christ-likeness that I have ever seen in a person. 

I thought I would share a link to the slide show that I made for his funeral for anyone who
cares to see a tribute on a life well lived for Christ.   


  1. How sweet. It is so neat to see the progression of your cards :). I need to introduce you to SendOutCards! You can upload your own jpg or photoshop layout and they print, stuff, stamp, and deliver your cards! I don't ever have to touch my Christmas cards to get them to our family and friends. Next year! :)

  2. Thanks for the warning...I miss Papaw. Next time you text me to read your blog while I'm at work, please warn me if there is a possibility of me having some emotion.....seriously, though, what an excellent job you are doing in everything. You will never understand what you mean to me.

  3. These are great! Even the very first ones were great! Loved the crazy ones, but they were all good. You are always so talented! That was precious about Landon's grandpa!