White Christmas 2010

This Christmas was picturesque because we woke up with snow on the ground for the first time that I can ever remember...one of the most magical Christmases yet.  The boys are at such a fun age where they are so excited about every detail.

On Christmas Eve, Landon and I exchanged our gifts to each other, although Lucas already
told Landon that he was getting books for Christmas.  He couldn't wait to tell him. 
The boys were anxious to help open gifts too.

He got two books from the boys, a swimming book and a triathalon book.  (He has been swimming this year).  After opening the second book, Landon said, "I see a theme going here."  I couldn't wait to give him the next gift.  I had Julie order it so Landon wouldn't see it on our account.  It arrived just in time and I hurridly went to her house to pick it up on Christmas Eve morning. 

This wasn't quite the reaction I was expecting; however, I ended up wrapping a gift that was Julie's (a ladybug child harness for her Disney trip.)  He was really confused as to why I would be so thrilled to give this to him.  It was supposed to be an underwater MP3 player for swimming...it arrived later that afternoon.

He also got this super soft blanket and a semester of guitar lessons from Stevens
Street Baptist Church in Cookeville.

Landon is always such a thoughtful gift giver.  He always does well and spoils me (one of the many things I love about him).  The first gift was a joke.  He got me all three Lord of the Rings movies.  We teach the High School Sunday School class together and over the last few months, there have been several illustrations from these movies in our lessons.  I tried watching the first one when it came out on video but hated it, so I have no idea what I am talking about when it comes to this part of the lesson.  Maybe I will give them another try now.  He also got me a new set of sheets, a waterproof video camera, and a gift card to IKEA!  I can't wait to use it!!  

Later that evening, we went to church for a Silent Candlelight Lord's Supper Service.  When we first started doing these several years ago, I didn't like them because I felt weird that we didn't sing or hear any sort of Christmas message about Jesus' birth, but now it is one of my favorite things we do at Christmas.  It is a time of complete silence to sit and reflect and pour your heart out to God during what can be a stressful and busy time.  I feel like that service gets me focused on what we are really celebrating.

After we went to church, we did Christmas with my mom.  We first had a lovely dinner at Bella's.

We were entertained by Lucas' enjoment of his dessert.

More nerf guns!!
Star Wars Legos were a hit as well.  Lucas wanted to sleep with them.

Lucas flipped out when he got opened this gift, one of the two things he asked for from Santa...
a double Shreck movie. 

Although Logan isn't quite as dramatic when he opens a gift, he was shocked to see this one. 
It is a game he really wanted, and he was thrilled.

Logan picked this out for Pappy this summer.  He is a huge UT fan,
but he said he might actually wear this:)

I just love when I give a gift with this kind of reaction!  It was a Kindle. 

We then went home to get ready for Santa!!!
We had to make cookies for Santa.
After reading the Christmas story, hugs and kisses, it was finally time for bed.  Lucas stayed
up for over an hour and a half after they were in bed...too much sugar!!

Santa came!!!

Oh, the anticipation!

Listening to the letter from Santa explaining their gifts were too big for under the tree.

He couldn't wait to try this out!

I think Landon wanted this Star Wars AT-AT Walker more than anything.  He wanted this as a child because his cousin Nathan had one but he never got one.  He was reliving his childhood with this gift:)

Lucas was more excited about the other gift he has been asking for from Santa...a Megamind DS game.

The boys' big gift from mom and dad...a puppet stage for Lucas and a remote control
Star Wars Millenium Falcom for Logan.

I just love this gift!!  I am looking forward to many puppet shows performed by my favorite little stars. 
It's so Sound of Music-like:)

He got a Pop the Pig game and Lucas then burst into tears because he wanted that game.  We had a time out for a lecture on how Logan will share his game.  It was ridiculous but funny and hard not to laugh at my little emotional child.

He had to sit out his next turn on opening presents.

After breakfast at Rebecca's we had to go home and cook the turkey.  Perhaps Christmas day isn't the best time to be in charge of the main meat for the meal when you have never made it before.  We didn't know what we were doing.  

We watched a YouTube video on how to do it as we went. 

Landon had a hard time finding the giblets.  They were shoved really far in the neck.

Is this disgusting or what???

It turned out well, though!!  It was really moist and received approval from the family. 

Christmas Night at Michael and Alyx's...

I think he liked it!  He is also relieved that it isn't girly.  They wrapped his gift in a Tangled box and Logan was a bit nervous about it.

I love my workout clothes!  Thanks Sara!!

Tristan and Williams were shocked when they opened a Play Station 3!

Tis the season for a Kindle.

 It's been a difficult time for Suzanne with the loss of her dad.  He would say "Happy Day"
often and I found a hand towel that said that on it. 

Christmas with my dad's side...
My great-aunt, Della Mae, is in Assisted Living at Lifecare and has a hard
time getting out now, so we had Christmas there this year.
Melody rockin' it with Lucas' Paper Jams.

I think Laura liked her gifts:)

Silly Picture...not everyone wanted to participate.
What are you doing Landon??  Right in front of my dad!! 

We had a wonderful white Christmas this year! 

We have a lot of playing (and cleaning) to do.


  1. That was wonderful to read!!!!! What a wonderful Christmas!! I have to say my fav part was the pop the pig game & Lucas crying, bahahahahaha! He is sooo funny! :)

  2. Lucas is such a mess. Jamie texted me and said she wanted to know about my Christmas and I told her to read my blog and then call me. She called and said, "That pretty much sums it up." haha.

  3. Terri! What a great blog!!! Love all the silly faces! LOVE Landon being a turkey himself! :) I want to come over and play the pig game! LOVE the new title!!!